Perspective Devlog 3

Much has changed since last I posted. We have added some great particle effects and tried to improve some rooms such as the our icey installation. We have also changed our footprints again, we wanted the player to follow closely and reveal them piece by piece so we made them invisible untill the player comes close and they fade in. Hilariously enough my games design colleague told me "wind zones do nothing" Now myself being a graphic designer, I couldn't be right, I only started using unity 10 weeks ago, I make things in photoshop and illustrator. I 3d model in Maya. Well I wanted to make things sparkle and i started playing around with particle effects. Then #windzonesdonothing was born. With this very simple gif below. Im proud of it because it was my first particle effect and all i was trying to do was make snow blow in the wind.

That same colleague also added a multitude of music including sweet smooth Jazz, and the game is function complete now. It's finally playable from start to finish after 8weeks. We have three weeks left untill release and are pushing to get some great ideas in before then.

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